GHCL Services

Gordy Hall Computer Labs serve the Modern Languages and Linguistics departments. We can help you with specialized rooms, equipment, video digitization, 3D printing, and training.


GHCL is comprised of the following rooms in Gordy Hall:

  • five bookable computer labs (101, 009, 012, 013, 015)
  • one open computer lab (115) - open every day for students
  • an observation room with recording equipment (103)
  • an audio recording room (017A)
  • a video recording room (017)

Except for lab 115, all rooms can be booked by instructors for their classes or for materials production. The rooms and computer equipment are also used for language testing.

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computer lab

Tech Support

Our staff provide technical assistance for the use of equipment in the computer labs. Instructors can also request for software to be installed in the labs, as long as it’s either free or provided by Ohio University OIT.

Contact us if you need help or have a request.

You can also contact the Ohio University IT Service Desk for most tech problems in the classroom or your office.

Abe installing a program


We offer equipment that instructors can borrow for their classes or for course-related purposes. We usually lend them for two days, but if you need them more time it can be arranged.

To check out any of the items below, go to Gordy 115 and ask the lab assistant.



You can borrow one for yourself or a set for the whole class.

iPad mini

iPad Minis

We have 10 ipads Mini that you can use for class.



We have 14 Chromebooks that we can lend out individually or as a set.


MacBook Air

You can borrow a MacBook for conferences or special projects.


Audio Tools

We have a voice recorder, a lapel microphone, and a Yeti studio microphone.

tablet on tripod

Video Accessories

We provide tripods of different sizes, and mounts for tablets and phones.


LCD Projectors

You can borrow a small projector to use in rooms that don't have one, or for special events off-campus.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

Alexa can be a helpful companion for language learning activities.


If you have DVDs, old VHS or audio tapes that you’d like to turn into .mp4 / .mp3 files for classroom use, submit the digitization request form and then leave the tape or DVD with the lab assistant in room 115.

We can put the files directly in your Box or OneDrive, or on a USB flash drive. Allow for a week or so, although we’ll try to have it ready in a couple of days.

Additionally, some files are stored on our server:

  • Multimedia teaching materials from Linguistics, Modern Languages and OPIE are available online for use on wired devices on campus only.
  • The video archive for guest speakers, class projects, and presentations is available off-campus.
VHS player

3D Printing

We currently have two 3D printers that you can use to print class-related items. Bring your 2D or 3D image files to 115 and give them to the lab assistant, who can get your print started or brainstorm different options for your project. Keep in mind that printing a file depends on an item's size, so it may take anywhere between 20 minutes and 12 hours.

You can find many items or ideas, as well as download files, on Thingiverse.

3d printer working


We organize several tech-related workshops each semester for the faculty and graduate students of Linguistics, OPIE, and Modern Languages. We email the information to these departments about one week in advance, and you can also check the schedule - we update it during the semester as workshops get arranged.

If you would like to give a workshop yourself, contact us!

workshop attendees