Spring 2017 Workshops

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Using Box for Course Management

Wed, Jan 25, 12-1 pm – Gordy 015

In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to use Box to organize and distribute class materials, collect assignments from students, and create collaborative spaces for students online.  Topics will include basics of creating and sharing folders and documents, managing editing permissions for your students, and using Microsoft Office programs via Box.  Box novices and experts alike are welcome! This workshop will be led by Kyle Butler, OPIE faculty member.


Wed, Feb 8, 1:30-2:30 – Gordy 015

This workshop is designed for teachers who are new to KAHOOT! Kahoot is a free online game-based software that utilizes mobile devices. The software can have multiple uses in language classrooms. In this workshop, the basics of the software will be explained. The workshop will cover the basic use of the software as an assessment tool for vocabulary and grammar. It will also cover other potential uses of the software in the classroom, such as discussion stimulator and surveying tool. The workshop will be presented by Talal Alharbi a first-year linguistics student and a T.A in the Arabic program.

The Gordy 101 Jam Session

Wed, Feb 15, 2 opportunities: 12pm (Reshad), 2pm (Schwartz) – Gordy 101

In these LRC sessions, meet LRC Associate Directors, Abe Reshad (12pm) or Aaron Schwartz (2pm) as they present some new (and some old) features in the Gordy 101 computer lab at 12pm and 2pm February 15th. As in most sessions, participants will be encouraged to get their hands dirty and experiment with the new display, Chromecast, Chromebooks, and the observation/recording room.  After that, there will be time to discuss and brainstorm future configurations for this room and possibly explore other LRC labs.  Please join the conversation and help create a lab that meets the needs of Gordy Hall!

Introduction to Video Editing Using Open-Source Software

Wed, March 1, 1-2 pm – Gordy 015

In this workshop, we will show you how to use the open-source editor Shotcut to make basic edits to your videos. After a short demonstration, we will walk you through cropping and merging clips, adding a picture and adding a soundtrack. Shotcut is free and available for both Mac and Windows at shotcut.org. If you are using your personal computer, please download the latest version (17.02). This workshop will be led by Kyle Butler, OPIE faculty member, and Dana Simionescu, PhD student in Instructional Technology.

Copyright Issues in Language Teaching (Discussion)

Thursday, March 16, 1:50-2:50 pm – Gordy 012

Photocopying?  Digital media?  Copyright?  Fair Use?   Whether it’s content from educational publishers, Hollywood movies, or YouTube videos, today’s language teachers make heavy use of digital media and many ignore or misunderstand copyrights, claiming all educational use is “Fair Use.”  Join the LRC staff in a discussion about copyright, fair use, and other issues revolving ownership and rights in our digital and physical classrooms. This discussion will be facilitated by Aaron Schwartz and Dana Simionescu.

Easy Tools for Expanding Students’ Vocabulary… and How to Use Them!

Wednesday, March 29, 12 -1 pm, Gordy 015

Students complain about not knowing enough vocabulary. Teachers complain about students not knowing enough vocabulary. Well, enough is enough. Or… not enough is not enough? Is knowing 95% of the words in a conversation enough? (*whispers* It’s not.) You probably know Quizlet. You may even know Memrise. But you don’t know what I did in ARS (OPIE’s Academic Reading Skills course) last summer. Hint: it had to do with diagnosing students’ levels and setting them up for individualized vocabulary study. This workshop will be led by Kevin Jambor, OPIE instructor.