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Fall 2017 Workshops

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ISTE 2017 Conference Highlights

Wed, September 20, 12-1 pm – Gordy 013

The ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference is the largest Ed Tech event in the world. If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry! Nadeyah Alreiahi, ESL teacher and Instructional Technology PhD student, will share the highlights with us. This session looks at some of the innovative gadgets and teacher hacks that were introduced at the ISTE 2017 conference. Learn about new advances in technology from VR to grading software. You will also get a chance to see what’s new in Google Classroom and ways to use CommonLit in your own teaching contexts. There will be some hands-on activities and some fun games to review!

OneDrive for Content and Learning Management

Wed, October 11, 12-1 pm – Gordy 013

Starting next year, the University will gradually discontinue the Box service we’ve all grown to know and love. But, no need to despair! It’s time to get acquainted with OneDrive, the Microsoft cloud service that comes with your Ohio University account. Find out how OneDrive is different from Box, learn how to make, organize, and share your materials, and get a taste of some of the apps included. This workshop is led by Kyle Butler (OPIE instructor) and Dana Simionescu (PhD student).

Breakouts for Language Learning

Wed, October 18, 12-1 pm – Gordy 013

Breakout boxes, based on the popular escape rooms, are team-based, hands-on, problem solving tasks. In this session, participants will engage in an activity designed for English Learners, where the goal is to collaborate with team members to solve clues that will allow the team to open a box with a mystery prize inside. The activity will be followed by a brief reflection and discussion. This session will be led by Aaron Schwartz (OPIE instructor) and Dana Simionescu (PhD student).  Learn more about these activities at Breakout EDU.

Mac Maintenance


Does your Mac take a while to boot up?  When you open a program, do you see bouncing apps and spinning beach balls?  Are you ready to throw your Macintosh out the window?  Please don’t and come to this LRC workshop on Mac maintenance. We discuss what can be done to keep your old mac computer purring like a kitten. This workshop is led by Abe Reshad, OPIE instructor and LRC Associate Director.